The Ultimate Grain-Free Baking Giveaway !

Ultimate GF Baking Giveaway (Enter for a chance to WIN $500 in fabulous prizes)

It’s time to celebrate! This month my new published cookbook, Everyday Grain-Free Baking, officially released and is now available in select bookstores nationwide. I couldn’t be more thrilled! And, I couldn’t be more grateful! This labor of love would not have been possible without the support of some very special VIPs.

As a special thank you to you, my wonderful reader-friends, and to my generous sponsors – KitchenAid, Honeyville and Hen House Linens – I’ve partnered with these three wonderful sponsor-friends to bring you a truly AWESOME Grain-Free Baking Giveaway!

What’s included in the giveaway …

One lucky winner will receive the following fabulous prizes worth more than $500.00:

11 Cup Food Processor

One KitchenAid® 11-Cup Food Processor with ExactSlice™ System ($249 value)
The KitchenAid® 11-Cup Food Processor with ExactSlice™ System allows you to blend, mix, slice, chop and shred with ease! With its ExactSlice System, you can slice from thick to thin with one slide of the lever. This model includes a slicing and grating disk, 3 blades, an 11-cup work bowl and a 3-cup work bowl.

Almond Flour Coconut Flour

20 lbs of Grain-Free Flour from Honeyville – 3 five-pound bags of blanched almond flour and 1 five-pound bag of coconut flour ($145 value)
Honeyville’s Blanched Almond Flour and Coconut Flour are certified to be gluten-free and contain no chemicals, additives or fillers. These low carbohydrate flours are perfect for gluten-free, grain-free and low carb diets. Trusted by professional chefs and bakers across the country, Honeyville’s ultra-fine grain-free flours are perfect for baking delectable breads, cakes, cookies, pastries and more.

Hen House Linens Vertical

One set of classic table linens from Hen House Linens – 1 classic table runner, 4 classic placemats, 4 classic dinner napkins and 4 classic napkin rings ($135 value)
Add a little fancy to your daily routine. Hen House Linens make the simplest meals feel extravagant. There’s nothing easier than adding a beautiful table runner, placemats and cloth napkins to your table to make your family or guests feel at once fussed over and comfortable. Paperless living never felt so good!

BONUS GIFT! Plus, everyone can receive The Companion Guide Bonus eBook ($7.95 value)
My new published cookbook is not included in this giveaway. However, one copy of The Companion Guide Bonus eBook is included in this giveaway – and the great news is – everyone who purchases my new cookbook can receive this special eBook!

Baking Shot 500The Companion Guide eBook is a special bonus gift for those who purchase my published cookbook, Everyday Grain-Free Baking. This helpful Companion Guide eBook was specifically designed to be used side-by-side with my published cookbook and provides more than a dozen complementary recipes, as well as step-by-step instructions and special tips. Not only am I giving a copy of this bonus gift eBook to the giveaway winner, I’ll also be emailing it on February 1 to every single person who purchases my published cookbook by January 31, 2015. To purchase Everyday Grain-Free Baking, click here. Then be sure to enter your email here to get The Companion Guide eBook on February 1. After February 1, this eBook will be sold for $7.95.

Please note: If you’ve already purchased Everyday Grain-Free Baking, be sure to click here to subscribe to The Grain-Free Baking Club to get The Companion Guide Bonus eBook as a thank you gift for your support.

How to enter The Ultimate GF Baking Giveaway

  • Enter The Ultimate Grain-Free Baking Giveaway using the entry form below. (Please note: Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and ends at 11:59pm PT on January 31, 2015. See official entry rules for details.)
  • For extra entries (more chances to win) take a moment to visit each of the wonderful sponsors who’ve made this giveaway possible. (See entry form below for details.)

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5 Tips for Surviving {and Thriving} during your Whole30 Journey

So, you’ve made the commitment to take charge of your health via the Whole30 Challenge – or maybe you’re still thinking about starting Whole30? Either way, you may find yourself wondering at one point or another … can I really do this?

I’m here to encourage you … Yes, you CAN do it! And not only can you do it, you can THRIVE – not just survive – during your Whole30 Journey. The key to successfully completing the Whole30 Challenge is not only to maintain a positive can-do mindset (see Whole 30 Day Zero Step 4), but to also be sure to follow these five simple tips for success!

Tip 1: EAT!

Yes, I know that you’re supposed to work toward eating just three meals a day (plus an extra bonus post-workout meal for those who are exercising). But it may take you a week (or even two) to get to that point. So don’t completely overwhelm and shock your body with just three meals a day the first few days or week of the program, especially if you’ve been a “grazer” your whole life.

Yes, I know some of you want to lose weight. But how many times does the Whole30 team have to tell you to stay off of the scale? So I’m going to remind you too – stop weighing yourself and just eat the healthy foods on the program. If you start starving yourself in an attempt to lose weight, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. So don’t do it! Walking around hungry all day is not going to help you.

When to eat / How much to eat?

If you eat a meal and then find yourself hungry before the next meal, ask yourself this question to determine if you’re truly hungry or just craving:

“Am I hungry enough to eat some grilled fish and veggies right now?” If the answer is yes, you’re truly hungry, go eat a healthy snack. If the answer is no, you’re just having a craving, so go find something else to do to take your mind off of it.

Then, at your next meal increase the amount of food you eat, particularly fat and protein and see how it goes? Are you hungry again before your next meal, then you’ll know that you need to increase the amount of food a bit more. Are you not feeling hungry when your next mealtime arrives, then you need to eat a little less next time. But always make sure to eat the minimum requirements to ensure adequate nutrition. (See “How to Plan a Healthy Whole30 Meal.”) By making simple adjustments as you go, you’ll eventually get to three meals a day.

What to eat?

You probably already know what to eat and what not to eat, at least I hope so if you’ve started Whole30. But just incase, be sure to print out these two documents and keep them handy:
What to Eat/What Not to Eat on Whole30
• How to Plan a Healthy Whole30 Meal

What about snacks?

So I’m basically giving you permission to eat a snack if you’ve determined that you’re truly hungry. But it’s not just my opinion, the Whole30 team agrees. Again, walking around hungry all day is not going to help you.

However, you need to rethink snacks! Here’s what we typically think of when we think “snack” – lots of carbs and empty calories, such as crackers, chips, bars, cheese sticks, commercial fruit yogurts, etc. Wipe those from your memory. You now need to think of snacks as anything you can eat on Whole30.

So think instead about snacks as real whole foods, such as leftovers from dinner, a boiled egg and some raw veggies, a half of an avocado with cherry tomatoes and drizzle of olive oil and splash of vinegar, a spoon of almond butter with some celery sticks, a plum with a handful of nuts.

These are a few examples of the types of snacks I’ve eaten when I’m truly hungry, and you know what, it’s helped me tremendously to not cheat and actually enjoy the Whole30! So remember to first evaluate if you’re truly hungry, and then choose a healthy whole food snack with a good balance of protein, fat and carbs.

Health Tip: If you’re experiencing sugar withdrawal, you will find yourself feeling especially hungry – but again, not for something healthy like a piece of grilled fish and veggies. So what can you do? A healthy way I’ve found to beat intense sugar cravings is to sip a cup of warm tea. My personal favorite is Rooibos Tea because it’s soothing vanilla scent and flavor calms cravings. Rooibos, also called “red bush tea,” is naturally caffeine-free and provides many health benefits since it’s rich in antioxidants, minerals and flavonoids, which help to reduce inflammation. 

Tip 2: DRINK a lot of water!

There is no magic formula for how much water you should drink! As a general guideline, some suggest about half your bodyweight in ounces a day. So if you weight 120 pounds, that would be 60 ounces of water. Again, this is a guideline and should be treated as such since this may not be accurate for every person. There are many factors that determine how much fluid a person should consume a day in order to stay well hydrated. (For example, individuals who are exercising, nursing, living at altitude or in hot temperatures may require more fluids to maintain proper hydration.)

The point is, you want to avoid becoming dehydrated, since dehydration leads to headaches, fatigue, constipation, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Plus, you want to help your body flush out the toxins it’s releasing due to your pure whole food diet.

But don’t go crazy and start forcing yourself to drink excessive amounts of water, as that can lead to extremely low sodium levels in the blood and cause a dangerous condition called hyponatremia. Fact is – most of us could benefit from drinking more water, just be sensible about it!

Health Tip: Create “spa water” by adding slices of lemon, cucumbers and berries to your water. This will not only naturally flavor your water, but also provide added nutrients and enyzmes to aid digestion and help flush out toxins.

Tip 3: SLEEP!

You’re body is being put through the wringer – toxins are being released due to your new pure whole food diet, your brain is reeling trying to figure out what happened to its emotional and physiological comfort foods, and you’re therefore suffering both physically and mentally, especially if your diet previous to the Whole30 wasn’t very close to how you’re eating now.

So get to bed early and get some sleep – at least 7-8 hours a night, if possible. Sleep helps the body heal and it will provide you with more energy for the energy drain you may be feeling (especially during weeks 1-2) as your body learns how to properly fuel itself without the bad carbs and sugar it may have been accustomed to previously.


But go easy the first week. See number 3 above and cut yourself some slack, especially if you’re one of those ultimate-exerciser types. And if you haven’t been exercising at all, taking a daily brisk walk will get your body moving, which will help you feel more energized (counter-intuitive but true), and get your blood pumping to better help your body flush out those toxins.


Slow down and take time to pray and meditate on God’s Word. Studies have shown over and over again that meditation relaxes the body and reduces stress.

And by the way, meditation doesn’t just refer to sitting around chanting a word or phrase over and over, the word “meditate” simply means “to think on.” So think on why you’re doing this and even more important express your thoughts to God and ask Him for help and guidance. You’ll be much more successful in everything you do as you seek the Lord first and His will for your life.


Knowing what to expect during your Whole30 journey can be a source of great comfort, validation and encouragement to keep moving forward. So be sure to print out this document and keep it handy. It can be very helpful to remind yourself “I’m not the only one.” Hang in there! You CAN do this!
What to Expect on Whole30

Let’s THRIVE together!

So, there you have it … my five tips for not just surviving the first week of Whole30, but THRIVING during the entire 30-day program.

I’m so happy we’re doing this together! It makes it so much easier and a whole lot more FUN! Be sure to share your thoughts as well (in the comment section below) on how to not only survive, but thrive on Whole30!

*Disclosure: This is not a paid endorsement, and I am not an affiliate of the Whole30 program. After careful consideration and prayer, I decided to personally take the Whole30 challenge since it’s a proven method for improving health and wellbeing. And last but certainly not least, I am not a health professional, so nothing in this post, or on this site, is intended to replace the advice of a physician. Please see my full disclosure for more details. Thank you!

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Paleo Eats Book Review and Cinnamon Cereal Recipe


There are certain people that God places into our lives that – just like a ray of sunshine – warm our hearts and bring a smile to our face each time we speak with them. My friend Kelly Bejelly is exactly that kind of friend, which is why I couldn’t be more excited to share her new cookbook with you.

Kelly’s kindness, wisdom and culinary talents have served to inspire and encourage so many people who are seeking to improve their health and wellness through following a grain-free lifestyle (myself included). As part of her mission to help others live healthier, she recently released a collection of her best recipes in a beautiful new cookbook – Paleo Eats.

jpegOne of the things I enjoy most about her book is that it’s far more than just a collection of grain-free, dairy-free recipes, Kelly has compiled so many helpful resources into Paleo Eats, including:
• Helpful budget tips and resources
• Recommendations for substitutions
• How to stock your pantry and successfully use ingredients
• How to rescue a culinary disaster and other troubleshooting tips
• How to recreate healthier versions of your family-favorite recipes

But of course, Kelly has also made sure to include a ton of delicious recipes too – 111 to be exact! She covers everything from main dishes like breakfast, lunch and dinner, to side dishes, dessert and drinks. And she also includes a section on how to make basics like mayo, sauces and gravies.

In fact, there are so many wonderful family-friendly recipes, I can tell you it was no easy task to select one to share with you. So … I asked my boys what they wanted me to make? And it was absolutely no contest – when they caught a glimpse of Kelly’s crunchy cinnamony cereal, they were begging me to get out the baking sheets NOW!

Paleo Eats Cookbook.jpeg

The first thing I noticed about the recipe is that it has just a few ingredients and that it’s super easy to make – that is definitely a plus for busy mommas! The second thing I discovered is that you’d better seriously make a double-batch. My boys could barely contain their excitement as they waited for the cereal to cool. I honestly think the cereal squares were still slightly warm when they tossed a couple of handfuls into a bowl and doused them with cold almond milk.

It was hard to get too many words out of them … other than the satisfying sounds of “Mmm!” in between crunching. So, suffice it to say, this recipe was a hands-down winner!

That’s why I highly recommend taking a look inside Paleo Eats here to see for yourself what a wonderful resource it is for anyone living a gluten-free or grain-free lifestyle. And of course, this tasty recipe will provide you with just one example of the 100+ delicious recipes featured in Kelly’s Paleo Eats Cookbook.

Coconut Cinnamon Cereal (GF, NF, DF)

Yield: 6 servings

Recipe reprinted with permission from Paleo Eats



  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Place the shredded coconut and sunflower seeds in a food processor and grind for 30 seconds.
  3. Add the cinnamon, salt, maple syrup, egg, and coconut oil and pulse until combined, about 2 minutes.
  4. Scoop the mixture onto the prepared baking sheet. Cover with a second piece of parchment paper and with a rolling pin, roll to ¼-inch thick. Remove and discard the top piece of parchment paper.
  5. With a wet knife, score the dough into 1-inch squares.
  6. Place in the oven and bake for 10 to 15 minutes, until firm to the touch. Remove from the oven and let sit on the pan for 15 minutes to allow it to crisp up.
  7. Store in an airtight jar in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.


This grain-free "Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal" gets a big thumbs-up from my two boys, who would like to say "Thank you, Ms. Kelly" for this tasty delight of cinnamon toast crunchiness.

DisclosureSome of the links in this post include affiliate links, providing The Nourishing Home a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you. Of course, you are not obligated to use these links to make a purchase, but if you do, it helps to support this site and ministry. Thank you!

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