Homemade “KIND” Bar Recipes (GF)

Homemade KIND Bar Recipes (Grain-Free)

Sometimes I get a little obsessed, especially when I find something I really like … This is the story of a woman on a mission to make an incredible little snack bar that she accidently stumbled upon and fell magically in love with!

Sparing you all of the drama, I’ll just get right to the point … After one bite of a KIND Fruit & Nut Bar, I knew I had to figure out how to replicate these scrumptious little treats.

Maybe you’ve had one of these bars and love them too, or maybe you’re just plain curious about what’s got me so worked up? Either way … I’ve pulled back the curtain and am sharing the simple details on how to make a whole host of these amazing little bars of yum!

And just incase you do want to hear me ramble on about how this recipe came about, feel free to read on below … or , you can just skip the drama and go right for the recipes! Either way, if you’re up for a crunchy, sticky, fruity, nutty little adventure in snacking, these are the perfect bars for you too!

Make Your Own KIND Bars

Homemade “KIND” Bar Recipes

Original Everything Fruit & Nut Bar – the original bar that started my obsession
Nut-Free “KIND” Bar – perfect for those with nut-allergies
Cherry-Chocolate Chip Bar – chocolate chips, need I say more?
Apricot-Almond Crunch Bar – mildly sweet, tangy & delicious!

For best results, follow the recipes exactly as given. Trust me, after making dozens of batches of these bars (they’re a real favorite),  the correct combination of ingredients is important to achieving the perfect bar!

P.S. These amazingly delicious fruit-n-bars make a beautiful Gift-in-a-Jar no matter what the holiday or special occasion. 

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The Story Behind the Bars …
Stuck in the airport with no homemade healthy snacks on hand, I began scouring the little airport souvenir shop for something halfway decent.

As I glanced over the various granola bars and protein bars, I found these real food looking bars called KIND Fruit & Nut Bars. I read the ingredients and was pleasantly surprised that they contained recognizable real ingredients. But when I saw the price, I almost fainted – $2.99 a bar! Yikes!

Still, I was ill-prepared and hungry, so I grabbed one and hoped this little bar would help me at least make it through the lay over and short flight home. And it most certainly did! This simple little fruit & nut bar was so tasty and filling I knew I had to figure out a more frugal way to enjoy these little treats.

When I got home, I popped over to TJs and found the bars at a much more reasonable price (not) of $1.49 per bar. Are you kidding me?

Reading over the label again, I purchased the ingredients I didn’t already have on hand at home and got to baking. My first batch didn’t hold together so well because I used too little honey and I also realized a thickening agent was needed, so I opted for good ole high-fiber coconut flour.

Several test batches later, mission accomplished – the flavor and texture were almost identical to the original! It was so exciting to be able to replicate this bar for far less. And even better, to be able to avoid any unwanted ingredients, as well as customize the bars to my family’s taste preferences.

These little protein-rich bars are a hit with kids and adults alike!

For kids, they make a great healthy after-school {or lunchbox} snack. And best of all, you can bake up a bunch, individually wrap and freeze them for a perfect on-the-go snack anytime you need one!


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    • says

      Hi, Bev. I should probably have noted that … I used 1/2 cup coarse-chopped whole almonds, 1/2 cup coarse-chopped whole cashews and 1/3 cup coarse-chopped pistachios. The fruit I used was a combo of dried cranberries and blueberries. Hope you enjoy these as much as we do. Lots of blessings, Kelly :)

  1. Charlotte Moore says

    iYummy!!! These looks so good. I have a second batch of them in the oven as I write. The first one I used brazil nuts, english walnuts, sunflower seeds, apricots, and peaches. The second one I used cranberries, apricots, pecans, and english walnuts. I can hardly wait until they get cool enough to cut.

  2. Charlotte Moore says

    They are DELICIOUS!!!!!! The best bar I have ever made. I have tried several kinds, but these are number 1. Thank you so much for listing this recipe.

    • says

      Hooray! Glad you’re enjoying them. I’d love it if you can help spread the word by posting a link to this recipe on your social media outlets like FB and Pinterest. Thank you! Lots of blessings, Kelly :)

    • says

      I did a quick price calculation – TJs sells the bars for $1.50 each. I was able to make the bars myself for about .90¢ each – this price included all ingredients, except for the small amount of almond butter and coconut flour used. (I wasn’t about to try to figure out a per tablespoon cost – LOL!) Of course, it’s very important to note that the price I just gave is based on buying only a small one-pound bag of nuts, 1 cup size bag of dried fruit and one-pound jar of honey. You can save even more by buying in bulk! So when my bulk food order comes in from Azure Standard (I buy most of my staples in bulk such as nuts, dried fruits, flours, etc.), my price per bar will be even less than this. The fact is making food yourself almost always results in saving money, as does buying in bulk. :) Lots of blessings, Kelly

    • says

      Thanks for your kind words (hee hee). It took some doing, but I think these are pretty spot-on! Hope you enjoy them too! Blessings, Kelly :)

  3. April says

    I am so excited to try these…I too have been obsessing over the KIND bars! Thanks for figuring this one out….now time to get to work trying it for myself!

    • says

      Hi, April! So glad your excited too! Hope you enjoy these as much as we do. Appreciate you taking the time to leave a kind note. Blessings, Kelly :)

  4. Shana Trahan says

    Would oatmeal be a good substitute for the coconut flakes? I really don’t like coconut, and I’m totally fine with grain in my bars. What about the coconut flour? I don’t exactly keep that on hand, and the price wouldn’t be worth buying a bag just for these if I didn’t like them.

    • says

      Hi, Shana. Sounds like you are about to embark upon a recipe tweaking adventure! I haven’t tried it with oatmeal, so you truly would need to experiment here. The coconut flour serves as a binder so the honey doesn’t go to the bottom of the pan (been there, done that). But you might be able to substitute with ground flax seed, perhaps a little more may be needed? Again, you’ll need to experiment to achieve the balance of having the bar to hold together well, yet still be nice and moist. Hope this helps! Happy baking! :) Kelly

  5. Amanda says

    Those look fantastic! Do you think I could substitute coconut flour with Almond flour? I have that on hand and need to use it. Thanks! :D

    • says

      Hi, Amanda. Coconut flour is far more absorbent, so you can use far less to serve as a binder. My hunch with almond flour would be that it will require more of it to help keep the honey from settling to the bottom of the pan during the baking process, and it may also result in the bar being less crunchy and more cake like. But, I haven’t specifically tried it because I opted to use coconut flour as a good binder for this recipe. It may be possible to substitute with ground flaxseed – I haven’t tried it, but my guess is that this may work better than almond flour. Of course, you may need to use slightly more ground flax as well. Again, because I haven’t tested this myself using alternate flours, I cannot give exact recommendations. Blessings, Kelly :)

  6. Gwen B. says

    We’ve just made these tonight and they taste so wonderful! I have a batch in the freezer for lunch boxes. We plan to make these again and again. Thank you. They’re delicious and we’re hooked!

    • says

      Hi, Gwen! So glad you all enjoyed these. There are pretty addicting – LOL! In fact, I’ll be sharing three more versions starting next week … stay tuned. Thanks for always taking the time to leave a kind note. You are such a blessing! :) Kelly

  7. Nan says

    Any substitute ideas for the coconut flakes? I am not a coconut fan. I also wonder about a little drizzle of chocolate on the top:) The kids might actually eat them then!

    • says

      Hi, Nan. The coconut helps hold the bars together and adds sweetness. You could try using more dried fruit and nuts in place of it. Since I haven’t developed a coconut-free version, I’d have to experiment. But perhaps an additional, 1/2 cup of finely chopped nuts and 1/2 cup of chopped fruit could substitute. If you try it – please let us know the result. Blessings, Kelly :)

  8. says

    Kelly these bars are amazing….having gone paleo I am always searching and experimenting with recipes. I tried another “KIND” recipe without the coconut flour, thinking it would have that clear look, It did not work. After cooking it, cooling and freezer it never set up. I am forbidden from straying from your recipe forever more!!!…Thanks for taking the time to create such a wonderful and healthy recipe and sharing it with the world.


    • says

      My pleasure! It’s nice to help others not to have to spend countless hours and waste expensive ingredients. So I’m glad you’re enjoying this recipe and appreciate you taking the time to leave a kind note! Lots of blessings, Kelly :)

  9. Mary says

    These look absolutely divine but am I missing where the recipe is? Sorry if I’m looking in the wrong place but I would love it if you could let me know where the recipe is cause my kids (and me!!) would devour these :)

  10. Kim Kauffman says

    These are so good! I’ve tried many larabar/nut bar type things and when my husband tasted your recipe for the cherry-chocolate the first thing out of his mouth was “YUM”. He said they are the best bars I’ve made. I’m counting this a huge success! Next up will be the apricot ones. Thanks so much for the delicious recipes!

    • says

      Hi, Kim! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a kind note (LOL, get it?) Seriously, what a joy to know you and your hubby enjoy these. Appreciate your words of encouragement. Many blessings to you, Kelly :)

  11. Jen Hasseld says

    These are so good! I tried the fruit and nut with a mix of cashews, pecans and almonds, and my fruits were cherries, tangerines and raisins. Amazing! Love that they’re so good and so good for me! I need to eat protein every 4 hours for my diet and this is an easy-and delicious-way to get it. Thank you for adding some zing to my usual handful of plain almonds and raisins!!

  12. Dawn Sudmeier says

    I really like these better than Kind Bars. The Kind Bars use corn fiber (maize) and soy lecithin and often dairy. I can’t have any of those in addition to no gluten. I want to try with less honey and a little coconut oil to make it less sweet but still moist. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Thanks for your “kind” words, Dawn! I couldn’t agree more – it’s always better to make it yourself, because just like you shared, you can adjust the ingredients to your dietary needs and of course, eliminate unhealthy, unwanted ingredients. Your idea for adding coconut oil and reducing the honey, sounds wonderful. Keep me posted. Lots of blessings, Kelly :)

  13. Sarah Corey says

    hands down the best bars! These are better than the brand name ones from the store. So grateful I found these because we are dealing with lots of food allergies at my house and these save the day. Thanks again, I love the other ideas for mix ins too:)

    • says

      Thanks so much, Sarah! Appreciate your “kind” words and am so happy your family is enjoying this recipe. Thanks for taking the time to leave a sweet note! Blessings, Kelly :)

  14. Janie Witty says

    Thank you Kelly for your amazing recipe. You have saved me some major stressing!
    I bought fruits and nuts from the supermarket today to make these – having no idea how – I asked my computer and you just jumped right out in front of me :-)
    An aroma of beautiful nutty sweetness is now filling my house! x Janie

    • says

      Hi, Janie! Welcome to The Nourishing Home. So glad the Lord has led you here! Hope you find many more treats to enjoy here! Merry Christmas! :) Kelly

  15. Stephanie Moss says

    The link isn’t working to this bar:

    • Original Everything Fruit & Nut Bar – special guest post at Honey Pacifica

    can you fix or post recipe here? Thanks!

    • says

      Thank you so much for letting me know. I contacted the site and apparently they are having issues. I am planning to bring the recipe over to my site until it’s resolved. I have your email and will send you a note as soon as I move this over. Thank you again for bringing this to my attention. You are a blessing, Stephanie! :)

  16. Cori says

    Oh no! The link to the Original fruit and nut bars doesn’t work. I was hoping to make these for my husband and myself for work this week. Help!

    • says

      I know. I am really bummed about this. Another reader just let me know. Hang tight, because I am going to email you two with the recipe and then will bring it over to my site. I don’t know how long it’s going to be until their site is fixed, and I don’t want others to miss out either. Thanks, friend! Blessings, Kelly :)

  17. Allison says

    The kids are huge bar fans and I like them for the convenience. I simply can’t hand them another store bar and feel good about it. So, thank you. I Just made the Nut and Cherry bars. They are amazingly fantastic! (I did add 2 tbs ground flax meal as well). I am going to have to hide them from the kids (and husband) to ensure they last the week. And I’m talking a double batch. I look forward to trying out many more of your recipes :)

    • says

      Awesome, Allison! So glad you’re enjoying these! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a kind note! Lots of blessings to you and your kiddos, Kelly :)

      • Allison says

        Just made the second double batch and we are loving them. Wanted to ask if you have a brand for the cranberries (or other dried fruit beyond apricots/raisins) that does not have sugar as an added ingredient? I’ve looked, not extensively mind you, but could not find anything that didn’t have sugar as an added ingredient, this includes ‘natural’ and organic brands. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks again for the recipe :)

    • says

      Hi, Leah. Yes, they will not set-up well using maple syrup, however, you could up the amount of coconut flour and see if you can come up with a solution to help them bind well. Blessings, Kelly

  18. says

    You have no idea how psyched I am to see this!! I LOVE Kind bars!! A homeschooling mom to four has no time to eat and I rely on them to keep me going in the mornings! I am SO making these in bulk tomorrow! Thanks! ~Organized SAHM

    • says

      You are SO welcome, Tara! I make huge batches of these and individually wrap them and store in the freezer. These are my absolute favorite go-to snacks and quick meal bars. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Thanks for taking the time to leave a “kind” note :) Blessings, Kelly

    • says

      Hi, Deanna. For sure you could use peanut butter in place of the almond butter and also replace some of the nuts in the recipe with peanuts. I’m not sure if those bars are drizzled in chocolate or contain chocolate chip, but either option can be done as well with this recipe. Blessings, Kelly :)

  19. Karin Martinez says

    Hello! I’m a little late to this post, but it looks great! I was just wondering of the texture. Do these end up crunchy like brittle, or chewy? Or is it the temperature (freezer or thawed) that determines the texture?

    • says

      Yes, the temp determines the texture. If they are frozen they are brittle and so if you try to cut them when they are frozen, they will break into pieces. If they are room temp, they are crunchy-chewy (because of the nuts there is always a crunch), but the honey will become warmer at room temp and therefore add a chewiness. If in frig, they are more crunchy and closer to an actual KIND bar in texture. The reason KIND bars can hold up better at room temp is because they use corn syrup (albeit non-GMO corn syrup, but still we avoid corn syrup, thus me using honey). Blessings, Kelly :)

    • says

      Yes, you can omit the coconut flakes and increase the nuts and dried fruit. But only replace with about 1/2 – 3/4 cup (not one whole cup or the bar will be too dry). :)

  20. Andrea says

    I have had so much fun experimenting with these recipes. Thank you for taking the time to figure out how to make these! :)

  21. Cynthia Brostrom says

    these bars are awesome!!! I made the apricot and almond bars. After they were cooled, I spread some melted unsweetened baker’s chocolate and maple syrup over the bars. They were delicious. I made a big batch today and used the baker’s chocolate and coconut oil and coated the bars. Delicous!!! Thanks for the great recipes!!!

    • says

      Love your idea of adding some melted chocolate. YUM! Thank you so much, Cynthia, for your “kind” words! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the recipes here! Appreciate you taking the time to leave a sweet note! :)

  22. Robin says

    I made my first set of bars today! I loved them but the biggest fan was my husband, he could not believe how good they tasted. Thank you for these recipes!!!

  23. Darla says

    I made these last night, used half almonds and half cashews and instead of fruit I used dark chocolate chips. So delicious! some of my edges crumbled when I cut them so I just put the crumbles in a little pile and had granola from breakfast:-)

    • says

      Your version sounds wonderful, Darla! But isn’t everything better with chocolate? LOL! Thank you so much for sharing! So glad you are enjoying the recipe!

  24. tracy says

    Hi Kelly! my entire family LOVES these bars! I make them frequently with all kinds of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Every time, they are delicious. I have two questions though: 1) do you think there’s any way to reduce the amount of honey and still have them bind?? Could i up the nut butter amount or add water?? 2) sometimes when i make them, they set perfectly. But other things, they don’t come together as well, and they crumble a bit when i cut them (even after being refrigerated). Any idea what i may be doing wrong when that happens?? Lastly, i love many of your recipes and have so much fun trying them! the chicken caprese was amazing, as are the fluffy pancakes — which are a staple in my freezer!

    • says

      Hi, Tracy! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the recipes here. Thank you for your kind words! :) With regard to your second question, my guess would be that the measurements may be differing slightly since you’re nut-chopping may not be consistent every time. So sometimes you may have more nuts or seeds which would mean less honey mixture coating everything well and enabling it to hold together. Which leads to your first question. Yes, you can try decreasing the honey by one tablespoon and increasing the nut butter by one tablespoon. I have done this myself, as I tend to not care for overly sweet and it works well, but they bars will be slightly crumblier. One remedy is to reduce the amount of dry ingredients a bit. Again, it’s important to keep in mind that the size of the ingredients will alter the outcome of the recipe, so smaller seeds used in place of the nuts mean that you’re actually getting more seeds since they’re smaller, which can lead to a crumblier bar. Hopefully that makes sense. :) Thanks again for your kind words! You are such a blessing! :)

    • says

      Hi, Mikki! What a blessing you are! Thank you so much for your kind review. Looks to me like you’re a natural with almond flour – you did an awesome job making The Ultimate Cookie Bars and I’m so happy you and your family enjoyed them. :) Thanks for stopping by to introduce yourself and for helping me spread the word about my new cookbook! I hope to get to know you better! Hope you have a super blessed Mother’s Day weekend! :) Blessings, Kelly

  25. Sue says

    Would you happen to have a recipe for the Caramel Almond & Sea Salt or maybe the Salted Caramel with Almonds? I’m not that particular about being grain free. I’ve tried making it but haven’t been successful. The Kind bars that I have bought are hard as a rock and I’m afraid I’ll break a tooth. I might tinker with some of your recipe ingredients to see if the consistency is better. Unlike most people I’m not real fond of fruit and nut combinations.

  26. Lisa says

    Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous recipe!

    Found you via thekitchn and made the apricot-Almond and nut’n’fruit bars this weekend, so great and easy to make!


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