A Simple & Satisfying Thanksgiving Menu

Simple Thanksgiving Menu
My Martha-like heart often gets the best of me if I’m not careful. Maybe you can relate?

I get so busy buzzing around fretting over everything that needs to get done that I sometimes miss out on investing my time in “the better thing” – enjoying the people I’m serving, rather than getting caught up in the work of serving.

Holidays can be especially challenging. After all, it’s supposed to be Norman Rockwell style picture-perfect, right? As someone who struggles with everything being “just-so,” I thought it would be helpful (to me personally and hopefully for you) to share some thoughts about simplifying our holiday meal plans and instead focus our energies more fully on the relationships the Lord has given us.

I’m honored that the woman whom I consider to be a heroine in the art of being a Titus 2 woman – Sally Clarkson – has asked me to share these very thoughts on her encouraging website I Take Joy. So please join me there today to hear more on this topic, if it rings true for you as well.

As a follow-up to my post on Sally’s site, I thought it would be equally helpful to share with you my simplified Thanksgiving menu. It’s not to say this is the end-all, be-all holiday menu. It’s just a more time efficient menu that helps me avoid spinning out of control in working myself into a tizzy, and instead keep my priorities centered on spending lots more time enjoying all those special people that the Lord has brought into my life!

A Simple & Satisfying Thanksgiving Menu

Main Course
Simple Thanksgiving Menu
Easy Roasted Turkey by theKitchn

Simple & Satisfying Sides
Savory Herb Stuffing (GF & DF options)
(follow the recipe tips to prep ahead and save time on the big day)

Lemon Garlic Green Bean Sauté
(blanch the beans the day before, then sauté on the big day)

Simple Mashed Sweet Potatoes (GF)
(can easily be made a day or two in advance and reheated;
if dairy-free, replace cream with coconut milk)

Easy Cranberry Sauce by Against All Grain
(can easily be made several days in advance)

Grain-Free Squaw-Style Dinner Rolls (GF, DF)

Simply Sweet Ending
Creamy Pumpkin Custard
Creamy Pumpkin Pie Custard Cups (DF, GF)

Wishing you and your family a joy-filled day full of simple pleasures.
Happy Thanksgiving blessings, Kelly

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  1. Jennifer says

    We are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time. I am so happy you shared this method for cooking turkey. I am on the hunt for a perfect turkey recipe and this is the one I’m going to try. Thank you!!

    • says

      You’re so welcome, Jennifer. You can add herbs to the cavity and also sprinkle across the top as well. I appreciate the simplicity of this recipe because so many times, I get caught up in overcomplicated recipes that require way too much time to prepare. I hope you enjoy a very blessed Thanksgiving with your family! :) Kelly


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